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Isaac Florence

I’m a public health masters’ student at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a recent graduate of the School of Public Health at Imperial College London.

My main area of interests are tackling antimicrobial resistance and and financing and diplomacy of responses to health emergencies by multilateral institutions and governments.

I’m the Director of International Affairs at Students for Global Health (SfGH-UK), a charityStudents-for-Global-Health–Logo-Black run by students, for students. We work to Educate, Advocate and Act for changes around the world to create a world in which ‘equity in health is a reality for all’. As well as being a UK-wide network of students from many disciplines and backgrounds working towards global health, SfGH (formerly ‘Medsin’) is the UK national member organisation of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), which represents over 1.3 million medical and healthcare students to the World Health Organisation, United Nations, and many other global organisations.

SfGH-UK delegation IFMSA AM18

Isaac FlorenceAs Director of International Affairs I oversee the UK’s electives exchange programme, seeing UK students do a month long placement in a hospital or research facility overseas, and welcomes an IFMSA member from a different national member organisation to a UK hospital or research institution.

I also represent the UK at IFMSA General-Assembly meetings and throughout the year, SfGH-UK’s policy development and implementation at an international level, and our advocacy efforts with and within the IFMSA, and to other global institutions.

I am also the Science and Healthcare advisor for the Hay Festival. I interview some world-class thinkers and authors at the world’s premier arts, literature, politics, ideas and science festival.

Isac Florence at the Hay Festival 2017

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